Guy of the Week – Jesse

Jodi T.: 1) You teach spinning classes. How did you get into that?

Over a year ago I visited a family friend who teaches spinning classes in a New York health club.  While I’d taken spinning classes before, I was truly inspired by him.  After that trip to New York I started taking spinning classes 3 to 4 times a week and I got certified along the way.  Through the classes that I teach I have the opportunity to encourage others with healthy exercise habits, work with groups, be a motivator, and most of all play my amazing music!

2) You’ll be starting a graduate school program in psychology in the fall. Do you psychoanalyze your friends?

Do I psychoanalyze my friends?!  Of course I do, it’s kind of like a hobby of mine.

SR: Ooooh. Can you psychoanalyze me and feature it as a future GTJ post?

3) Rumor is, you led a Seder at 6th and I for Passover. What was that like?

Leading a Seder for over 50 people was definitely a change of pace from a typical Pesach with the family.  While it definitely was challenging and took a lot of preparation to lead such a big group, I really enjoyed it.  I felt the Seder really benefited from having such a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and ages.

4) We hear you feel a close bond with a certain cast member from “The Jersey Shore.”

I would like to say that Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore does not have exclusive copyrights to referencing his abs with that term.  I may not be on MTV, I may not be Italian, I may not even have been on Dancing with the Stars with Bristol Palin, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t hold it down.  Basically Mike from Jersey Shore needs to watch out, Jesse Spiegel is reclaiming “The Situation” title for best abs!

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