Jewish Guy – Mourad

Tila K.:  DC has been your home for a few years now… What have you been doing and is it true that you will be leaving us soon?
Sadly, it’s true that I will no longer be among the proud Jews in Washington D.C. I will be graduating GW Med after four wonderful years in DC but I won’t be going toooo far. I’ll be heading to another Capital of America- the Jewish one. I will be in New York City for residency.

TK:  Does your family have any neat Passover seder traditions?
Rice, rice, rice! Not only do we eat, drink, think, and bathe in rice, we also have other unique traditions. As the best uncle, I buy all my nephews and nieces gifts for finding the afikomin (even though they never find it!). Being with family is what it’s all about and I look forward breaking matzah with them every year. Oh, we also don’t eat hummus because it sounds like chametz…weird, I know.
SR:  You bathe in rice?  Is that how somebody figured out that sticking your water-damaged iPhone in a bag of rice can save it?  I’ve always wondered about that…


TK:  If you had to wander the desert for 40 years, what would you take with you for entertainment?

Ipad 2 with 3g and wifi (you never know where there will be hotspots). I think I would entertain myself for hours if I had doodle jump, cut the rope, and angry birds. Oh and maybe, GPS (i.e. google exodus). It also makes a great waiter tray for all those times you need to serve the manna to others in the desert. 

TK:  Do you remember what your Torah portion was?  Do you have any words of wisdom on it?
My torah portion was Toledot and I remember it vividly since I read it by the Kotel. Not only did it teach me to be humble and acquire good deeds like Jacob, but it taught me how to be a savvy businessman when it comes to trading lentil soup for first-born rights.

SR:  I’ll have to try that one…

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