Jewish Girl – Lani

You work at The Jewish Federation. Tell us about it.
The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is an amazing organization that cares for those in need, deepens engagement in Jewish life, and strengthens the bonds among Jews in the Washington area, in Israel, and around the world. Have you been to one of our Young Leadership events yet? Do you want to learn more about how you can inspire others, connect with our community, educate your friends and provide support that makes a difference? Check us out at

What advice would you give to people who want to work in the Jewish world?
Go for it! If you have a passion for the Jewish community, there are lots of opportunities in the many different areas of Jewish life. And if you are creative and driven, you will definitely find something worthwhile out there.

When you’re not being a professional superstar, where can we find you?
At Starbucks drinking any kind of coffee drink and reading a book. I admit that with a Starbucks on every other corner, you can’t easily find me, but most likely I am there 🙂

Who would be in your Jewish Real World house?
Best question ever! How many do I get? If it is only 4 (plus me!), I would want to make it a very funny Jewish Real World House. I would invite some of my favorite Hollywood stars like Jonah Hill, Sacha Baron Cohen, Seth Green, and Sarah Silverman. And of course, the house would be in Jerusalem, Israel.

What four questions do you wish had been asked during the Passover Seder?
With Passover still on my mind, I would ask these questions.

1) A question for Moses: How old were you really, Moses, when you led the Israelites out of slavery?
2) A question for the Israelites: Did you realize that thousands of years later, your decision to run from Pharaoh would impact my ability to eat cake for a week?
3)  A question for Pharaoh: How does it feel for you each year when we talk about you around the seder table?
4)  A question for Miriam: After you felt redemption from slavery and sang your famous song, did the tune ever get stuck in your head? ‘Cause that happens to me all the time.

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