The Week of the Wald, Eli Wald

Given his leadership role at Moishe House DC, his position with with the American Jewish Committee, and his frequent appearance at Jewish DC events, Eli Wald is already one of Jewish DC’s best-known figures.  But his fame grew again this past week as he was

Image from College Fashionista

1) The feature of a fashion blog (College Fashionista — since when were you in college again Eli?)

“He pairs his brown leather jacket with his almost perfectly matched shoes without being too matchy matchy. The final touch is his tortoise shell wayfarers nonchalantly hanging from his button down. Whether this guy meant to or not, he put together all the elements to look effortlessly chic.”

2) And this Washington City Paper article on Moishe House DC’s newest residents.

Wald, returned from upstairs, says that his father also makes contracts—Jewish wedding contracts called ketubahs. He opens his bible to the story of Genesis, explaining it to Kashiwara and MP. Then comes the story of Noah and the ark, which has surely taken on new resonance after the tsunami. While explaining the story of Moses and his years in exile—again, it seems almost too on the nose—he finds Exodus 30:23, the passage with the supposed reference to cannabis being an ingredient in an anointment mixture.

“It says it’s cassia,” Wald says.

With all this going on, we might have to make a pitch to him to be a future Jewish Guy of the Week…


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