The next version of GTJ. Input requested!

Thank you for supporting Gather the Jews over the past 60 weeks!  We hope you’ve found the site and newsletter useful.

It’s now time for the next version of Gather the Jews.  And in the spirit of bureaucratic Washington, DC, we’re requesting public comments on our proposed improvements.

We really appreciate your help.  Please feel free to comment on what is written below, or you can suggest something unrelated.

Comments can be made on this blog post or by emailing

Please make comments by Friday, April 22, 2011 (this is when we have to get back in touch with web developers).

Redevelopment to start in May.



  • Gather the Jews hope to be in three additional cities by July 2011.  The cities we are currently looking at include:  Philadelphia, Detroit, Tucson, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Tampa, and Miami.


  • The calendar will be easier to read and navigate.
  • Users will be allowed to input events.
  • Users will be allowed to search events by category (religious, social, educational, athletic, etc. – Seek comments on what categories we should have).
  • Users will be allowed to register for event reminders through email (is this a feature people will appreciate or…?)


  • The newsletter will be divided into cities.
  • Otherwise, the newsletter will remain fairly similar (how’s the newsletter working for everyone?).


  • There will be one national blog and one blog for each city.
  • The national blog will cover national events and speak to things that pertain to the entire American Jewish community.
  • The local blogs will function as the local section of a small town newspaper.  They will comment on the news, past events, and upcoming events in the young professional scene of the particular city. (Are people interested in reading about local events such as this report on the Scavenger Hunt, this report on the a cappella concert, or this report on an event.)

Jewish Guy/Girl of the Week

  • This will be a national feature.  There will be one Jewish Guy and one Jewish Girl each week chosen from one of our cities.

Deal of the Week

  • Each week, Gather the Jews will feature a discounted deal for a product or service that is of particular interest to the young professional Jewish community.

Link of the Day

  • This feature will link to a fun or important new video or article each day that is of particular interest to the young professional Jewish community.

Jewish White Pages (Is it this something people want and would use?  Or is this too Facebook redundant?  By contrast, would people prefer a fully-fledged Jewish Facebook?)

  • This feature will allow to Jews to connect and network.
  • Registration will be required.
  • Mini profile (does not require disclosure of name).
  • Divided by profession, industry, field.
  • Message system to contact people of shared professional interests.

Thanks again for your input!


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