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Top Passover Videos for 2011

Dayenu thumbnail The GTJ staff picks its favorite new Passover videos. Feel free to share with others, as well as to post your favorites in the comments below!

Updated with Six13’s video.


Just Had ChametzKol Ish, the all male a cappella group at University of Maryland, give the Maccabeats a run for their money.

Dayenu, Coming Home– An entirely a cappella Passover musical parody by The Ein Prat Fountainheads, graduates and students of Midreshet Ein Prat, Israel.

Best Seder in the USA– This take on the Miley Cyrus hit was performed entirely a capella by a single person.

Google Exodus– See what the Exodus from Egypt would have looked like if Moses had been living in the age of Web 2.0.

Shalom Sesame Passover– Shalom Sesame puts out a number of great Passover videos. Below are videos of Jake Gyllenhaal and “Le Matzarables”. The complete list of Passover videos is also available.

The Passover Story of the Four Sons…Brought to LifeG-dcast animates the Four Sons.

Seder Plate– The Macaroons prove that the seder plate is better than Darth Vader plate.

I’m Going to a Seder– This wig-filled video will make you hungry for matzah balls.

Six13: P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R-A Passover mashup of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R”.

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