Jewish Guy – Gene

How does it feel to be the first Jewish Guy of the Week in GTJ’s second year of life? Do you have any strategies planned for the next JGOTYear contest?
I am flattered to be JGOTW!  Of course I have a strategy for JGOTYear contest, but do you really expect me to reveal it!?

Rumor has it that you have lived in many different places. Can you tell us about this?
I went from being born / living overseas to Atlanta, to Oklahoma City, back to Atlanta, and to DC.  There were brief stops in Italy and Vegas too.

Passover is coming up! If you could come up with ten new plagues, what would they be?
Vegan food only, Charlie Sheen 24/7, no football, skinny jeans for dudes, no cell signal, Gaddafi’s fashion style being mandatory, Vodka shortages, gefilta fish only from a jar, non-stop Tea Party rallies, and Mark Zuckerberg taking over the entire internet

I’m excited for Spring in DC because _________.
It ain’t winter.

If GTJ made you Chief Rabbi of the Earth (yes, we have the power to do this), and you were able to ask all Jews to do one thing, what would it be?
Find me a good-lookin’, super-smart Jewish girl who doesnt like Sarah Palin.

If you could witness one day of the six days of creation, which would it be?
I’ll pass on the six days and opt for being at the first ever Shabbat — think they had gifelta fish back then?
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