Jason Langsner shares the Reverse Mifgash with PresenTense

Community member Jason Langsner shared Washington DC’s Reverse Mifgash with the PresTense website this morning.

Image from PresenTense

One such opportunity is the Reverse Mifgash.  Since 2008, this program has offered a free 10-day American experience to Israeli alumni of DC community trips, where they are reunited with their friends from their buses, connected to hundreds of other young professionals from the DC area, and introduced to America’s Jewish pluralism. Together, the Reverse Mifgash participants and the Washingtonians experience social, educational, cultural, and religious programming.

The article also mentions Rachel Cohen, Yelena Barakh, and Lena Shterman, all three of whom were former Jewish Girls of the Week.

Read the rest of the article here.

Thanks to Jason for bringing further attention to this great program.

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