Jewish Guy/Girl of the Week starts again

Nelly know what it takes to be no.1

What does it take it be no.1?  (see Nelly’s thoughts on the question here)

We at Gather the Jews think it takes quite a bit.  Just look at the finalists for 2010’s Jewish Girl and Guy of the Year Competition — they’ve got brains, beauty, and talent; they’re active in the Jewish community; and they know their Judaism.

If you think you can match this standard, we encourage you to apply to be Jewish Guy/Girl of the Week for 2011.  By becoming Jewish Guy/Girl of the Week, you are eligible to compete for 2011 Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year.

To start the process, please email with “Jewish Guy/Girl of the Week” in the subject line.  Please include a short paragraph about why you deserve to be given this honor.  You are of course welcome to submit additional materials.

You are also encouraged to submit nominations for those who you think deserve to be Guy/Girl of the Week.

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