Jewish athletes other than Sandy Koufax

Apparently we Jews are a bit unoriginal when it comes to defending Jewish athleticism…

The great Sandy Kou... wait ... no... Who dat? Let me tell you about some Jewish great athletes...

As one blogger puts it:

“I just read an article about Sandy Koufax. People need to stop this shit with him. They break out his name like he’s some kind of mythical Jewish unicorn just to prove that Jews can play sports. it’s all very defensive. Instead we should just be a peace with who we are, The Jews: Good at sports, better at banking.”

So from now on, I will refer to either Mark Spitz, Hank Greenberg, Zach Zorfas, Stephen Ross, or The Thundering Yogatos (25% Jewish.  Win.) when in need of a superb Jewish athlete (ok, so maybe just the first two in actuality). And I’m sure a Wikipedia search could turn up a few more (and in fact it can, see here).

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  1. Ron Kaplan
    Ron Kaplan says:

    It’s not that Koufax served as a symbol that Jews could play sports. His “unicorn status” comes from the time that he didn’tplay.He could have taken the mound on Yom Kippur in 1965, but the fact that he didn’t out of respect to his religious tenets — even if he himself wasn’t an observant Jew — is the stuff of legend, or lack of a better word.

  2. Larry
    Larry says:

    Agreed. When my kids start to complain because they have to miss their softball and baseball games this weekend, I say “If Sandy Koufax didn’t pitch in THE WORLD SERIES on Tom Kippur, then you can miss your Fall League games.” I’m not too popular today.


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