Gather the News – Jewish News – 3/14

Forty-three.  Forty-three! [1]  That’s how many unique hits GTN got last week.  It’s becoming more and more evident that I can write just about anything I want, and barely any of you will know the difference.  So just like how Arrested Development used to trot out trendy guest stars to boost ratings, we’re going to pilot a few gimmicks here to avoid being canceled.  There may even be more obscure pop culture references; I haven’t decided yet.  This week, the first person, whom I don’t already know, that emails me at, gets some kind of prize and a special shout out next week.  Let’s see if we uncover an anonymous fan somewhere. [2]

  • Interested in purchasing an overpriced, but somehow trendy, tallis?  H & M’s got you covered.
  • If you use tefillin with that trendy tallis, just be sure to not wrap them on a plane.  Yes, it happened again. [3] (HT: Mike W.)
  • Eighty-seven year old Shimon Peres makes a funny.
  • The Vice President of the NPR Foundation is caught make references to a Jewish-controlled media in the much covered sting operation.  Someone should let him know that I only got forty-three hits last week. [4]
  • Although, media personality Stephen Colbert was Jewish for several seconds this week.

    The UN Human Rights Council is a bigger contradiction

  • Bad news: Israel is the fourth most negatively-viewed country in the world.  Good news: Ghana loves Israel!  When were we “Ghana” find that out?
  • Irony and hypocrisy breed, producing the spawn known as Bashar al-Assad. [5]
  •, a new website that allows Jewish mothers to set up their children, “could reinforce the stereotype of the overbearing Jewish mother shoving their kids towards marriage.”  Gee, ya think? (HT: Carolyn B.)
  • To end on a serious note, five Jews, including three children, were brutally murdered over Shabbat for no reason other than the fact that they existed.  Donate to help the remaining children here.

Email me with more stories all week!  Two hat tips this week!


[1] More like forty.  Three were 1) my work computer, 2) my home computer, 3) my phone

[2] It’s probably the same person using forty different computers.

[3] At least the article doesn’t use the word “phylacteries.”

[4] Forty-three?!  Come on!

[5] Syria also polled higher than Israel in terms of likeability.

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  1. National Palestinian Radio
    National Palestinian Radio says:

    Just confirms what many of us already knew about NPR. I hope more anti-Semites and self-hating Jews in liberal media institutions who hide behind labels like ‘anti-Zionist’ and ‘anti-Israel’ are exposed for the pathetic frauds they truly are.


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