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The contest directions said get creative and play to your strengths, and my strength is cooking. I run a cooking club after school for 20 kids, I make a mean sweet kugel and I have a baking partner in crime, Amy, who will gladly run to cooking shows to see Paula Deen with me. That being said, my original idea was to make Hamantaschen “fortune” cookies because Purim is coming up. However, I was told that some judges are located in other states. So I am sorry to say you will not get to taste my creations, but I hope you enjoy the pictures of the cookie making process and reading my fortunes!


P.S. Local people, cookies available upon request J

Jewish Zen:

Judaism is knowing the secret to making good matzo balls (its love…and seltzer water)
Judaism is being grateful that your generation is one of the last to hear a holocaust survivor’s story face to face
Judaism is watching the sun rise at Masada
Judaism is understanding how to use all of the following “sh” words correctly in a sentence: schlep, schvitz, schmear, shpiel, and schmooze
Judaism is getting the Matisyahu lyrics “bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all”
Judaism is having a home half a world away
Judaism is not remembering everything you learned in Hebrew school but knowing you picked up some great friends (and values) along the way
Judaism is repairing the world bit by bit
Judaism is still hoping you get at least 1 present every night of Hanukkah even if you are over the age of 10
Judaism is realizing that if you take a look around you will not just find God in a synagogue
Judaism is community and family and being part of something bigger than yourself
Judaism is happily partaking in Chinese food and a movie on Christmas
Judaism is teaching the next generation the words to the Maccabeat’s song “Candelight”
Judaism is connecting with the words of the Torah
Judaism is appreciating any of the following: bagels and lox, Heeb magazine, the day Charlotte York became a Jew, the Curb “The Seder” episode, and Apples to Apples: The Jewish Version
Judaism is humbly performing good deeds for your bar/bat mitzvah, standing blissfully under the chupah at your
wedding, and honoring your relatives by giving your child their namesake
Judaism is identifying with the words “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself,
what am I? And if not now, when?
Judaism is secretly wishing you could play the game coke and pepsi way past your tween years
Judaism is asking questions and then asking more questions
Judaism is putting the oy in joy (or so says my Bubbe)
Judaism is pride in your history, finding your inner mensch in the present, and moving toward passing on traditions in your future

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