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You may wonder if a girl who submitted late even deserves a chance to win,
But not making it to round 3 would surely wipe away my grin.
I learned something very important between round one and today,
Each and every day of the year “Jewish Girl” is the role that I play.
I teach those around me why I have two sets of dishes in my tiny home,
And why through the desert our people did roam.
This competition has shown me that my fan base is larger than I knew,
Nothing makes me happier than knowing GTJ’s fan base also grew.
I fell in love with this organization when I first heard about what you do,
It is because I’m a girl who proudly waves the flag that is white and blue.
I would take this title as the greatest honor ever awarded in DC,
And continue to be no one other than me.
I’m a sure bet for a consistently great winner,
There is no risk that I will become a sinner.
I am humble – and writing another poem shows that best of all,
After seeing Stephen and Aaron’s poem skills I should have curled up in a ball.
Moving me to the final round is a smart choice that you should make,
Show the community at large that we Jews are not fake.
Thank you again for the opportunity to participate,
Cheers to another GTJ year that is absolutely great!

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