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Author’s note: Sorry in advance for any mistakes but English is not my native language as you know 🙂 please consider them as author’s style 🙂

To my people! To my family!

I was asked to think of my religion,Jewish Girl - Lena
Of my way of thinking, way of life.
What is that so special that connects me
To my Jewish people, to my “tribe”?

Is that Star of David that we wear?
Is that Menorah we fill with light?
Mezuzah on doorpost nailed with prayer?
Or Leha Dodi on Friday night?

All that symbols tied with us forever,
But does that really mean to be a Jew?
All our lives on earth we should endeavor
Help the needy, tell the world what’s true.

Have you ever felt the strong connection
To the strangers met the first time in your life?
This can happen during trip of Birthright
When the bonds of nation felt the most tight.

If you recognized yourself and that strange feeling
Then be proud! – most likely you belong
To a family with saddest history, to people
Scattered round the world but notwithstanding very strong!

Jews are thought to be the chosen people
That is our blessing from above!
What is our power? – and the answer’s simple –
Our history unites us, faith and love!

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