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A poem by Eric

A shining piece of history,
Represented by a fortunate few.
Sephardic or Ashkenazi,
This is the magnificent story of the Jew.

Guiding us is the Torah,
A scripture beautiful in sight.
In our homes we show off the Menorah,
Symbolizing Chanukah, the Festival of lights.

Kippahs adorn the heads,
Worn with a passion.
Talits are necessary threads,
Always a part of the fashion.

Pork, cheeseburgers, shellfish,
Not in our diet.
Matzo, bagels, kugel on a dish,
Definitely feel free to try it.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s transition us to adulthood,
The Ketubah links husband and wife.
Traditions so good,
Integral moments of our life.

From New York to New Delhi,
Judaism has a footprint all over the place.
Israel is our home for all of eternity,
Long live the Jewish Race.

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