The Adventures of Kosherman (pt. 1 and pt. 2)

Watch these two Mesorah DC videos to see Kosherman in action.

Episode 1: Kosherman kasherizes your kitchen.
Description: Kosherman takes on both beast and bird in the process of kosherizing this kitchen.
Featuring: Rabbi Motzen as Rabbi Motzen, Aaron Wolff as Kosherman, Tila Kety as The Gecko, Sara Glickman as the damsel in distress, Stephen Richer as Ali G.
Camerawork: Noa Levanon
Watch Episode 1

Episode 2: Kosherman goes shopping.
Description: Your local superhero — Kosherman — recently journeyed out into the great unknown (the gentile world) to show YOU how easy Kosher shopping can be.
Featuring: Rabbi Motzen as Rabbi Motzen, Rabbi Teitelbaum as Rabbi Teitelbaum, Sara Glickman as Kosherman’s assistant, and Stephen Richer as Kosherman.
Guest Appearance: Moshe Itzhakov
Watch Episode 2

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