Gather the News – Jewish News of the Week – 1/28

Goldberg knows that antisemitic ducks do NOT fly together

Why gather on a cruise, when you could Gather the News?  Oh yeah, because cruises are awesome.

  • The Guardian creates a dramatic graphic exclusively for the Palestine Papers.  Oh right, and the Palestine Papers happened.
  • Egyptian protests, among others in the Arab world, continue.  But is it good for the Jews?  Eh, let’s wait and see.
  • A Jewish professional hockey player sues the Anaheim Ducks for alleged antisemitic remarks.  In other news, there is a Jewish professional hockey player. [1]
  • The New York Jets mercifully get eliminated from the playoffs.  Meanwhile, some intern at CBS affiliate WLKY makes a hilarious error (HT to DovBear). [2]
  • Urban Outfitters has decided that the frum look is in.  Girls, if you were ever wondering how to rock “hipster tznius,” then look no further. [3]
  • Jewish Funds for Justice spends “six figures” to publish a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal condemning Fox News chief Roger Ailes and general crazy person/fellow Fox News employee Glenn Beck.  Jewish Funds was pleased, until they realized they gave Rupert Murdoch ANOTHER SIX FIGURES.
  • A Holocaust-denying parent accidently makes his views known to an Upper East Side PTA listserv.  You can pretty much guess what happens next. [4]
  • Just when you thought Google couldn’t get any more benevolent, they go and do this.
  • Israel finds that its commandos acted appropriately during the flotilla incident, while the UN and Turkey disagree.  The Washington Post writes a terrible headline for the story, and despite the snow in DC this week, Hell remained hot. [5]
  • As part of the Jerusalem 2111 contest, one Israeli filmmaker creates the best thing since Sharktopus (video not tznius).

Shabbat Shalom, and watch out for sharktopi!


[1] Trivia question: what kind of business does Goldberg’s family own?

[2] Seriously, though.  Thank G-D they’re not in the Super Bowl.

[3] I’m no longer allowed in Urban Outfitters.  My pants fit appropriately, and that apparently upsets the other customers.

[4] If you guessed “an expensive full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal protesting his actions,” you would be incorrect.

[5] I’ve used this cliche before, but you have to stick with what works.

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  1. Will G
    Will G says:

    Honestly, why do u hate on the Jets so much? They are not even in your division. I’m a Redskins fan, but I like the Jets. Are you just mad that the Jets got much closer to Superbowl than your Eagles did? Did it make you mad when they were able to back up their trashtalk? Oh or maybe no one on your fantasy team is on the Jets. Oh, I see. Yeah, real good reason to root against the underdog.


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