Where to Watch the State of the Union.

Looking for a place to watch the State of the Union with a bunch of Jews?

“Join Moishe House DC (1753 Euclid St. NW) from 8:45 to 10:15 pm.  Anything less would be to totally disrespect Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution.”

As for what you should do while watching, I’ll point you to my Frum Forum ranking of a couple of the drinking games this year (excerpt):

In preparation for tonight’s State of the Union, I decided to do a bit of reading…  Not to catch up on any of the salient issues, but to get a good overview of some of the drinking games that are on popular political websites.

From the first 20 that I found, I’ve ranked 4 of the more popular ones below:

1)  Esquire – The state of the Union Drinking Game, 2011 Edition

What makes it good: It unites the three key ingredients of a good SOTU drinking game: funny, reasonable, and easy-to-follow.  The number of sayings or words that you have to follow isn’t overwhelming; the phrases are nicely categorized into five different groups (“one gulp of beer, one shot of liquor, two shots of liquor, three shots of anything, and the whole damn thing”); and there is a good balance between presumably frequent occurrences (e.g. “Dems stand, GOP sits”) and the unlikely, but amusing (“Off-hand references to Keith Olbermann’s employment.”)

Bonus points: for mentioning David Frum’s draft speech for President Obama, but this site would have won without it.

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