Gather the News – Jewish News of the Week – 1/21

Heeeey brother!

“Hey Scott, what are you gonna do with the news this week?”  “Uh, I dunno, I suppose I’ll Gather it?”

  • I am apparently not Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s brother.  The worst part of this is that I can no longer go up to him and say, “heeeey brother.” [1]
  • Macy Gray consults all six of her fans about whether to cancel her Tel Aviv shows “in protest of Apartheid against the Palestinians.”  All  those Arab students who freely came to see her at Hebrew University’s Student Day in 2009 could not be reached for comment. [2]
  • Meanwhile, Jewish Representative Steve Cohen has his own fun with hyperbole. [3]
  • And so does commenter Muktza, following my directive from last week to post angry anonymous comments on this blog post. [4]
  • My fellow Kesher Israel congregant, Joe Lieberman, is retiring.  I think he was in public service, or something.
  • Israel, and alas, not Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith, was probably responsible for the virus that set back Iran’s nuclear program. [5]
  • Israeli Defense (Defence?) Minister Ehud Barak leaves Labor, hereby joining about 9.8 percent of Americans. [6]
  • Google users in Israel got a nice surprise for Tu b’Shevat.
  • Israel does something else cool.

    Most likely going Chabad

  • Miami Dolphins nut/running back Ricky Williams thinks he dipped in a mikveh.
  • Israeli President Simon Peres’ wife, Sonya Z”L, passes away.  Their marriage was older than Israel itself. [7]

Say hello to the new footnotes!


[1] It’s from Arrested Development.  If you don’t get the reference, it’s your own fault.

[2] I was there!  May 20, 2009 in Independence Park.  Despite it being my 21st birthday, I remember everything from that night.

[3] We’re nonpartisan here at Gather the News.  However, we’re very ideological.

[4] I would really like Muktza to comment here.

[5] Again, it’s your own fault if you don’t get the reference.

[6] Hey-o!

[7] I apologize for another somber ending, but it really puts things in perspective.

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  1. Will G
    Will G says:

    I too was at that Macy Gray concert in Jerusalem…Well sorta. Actually I kind of just stumbled into when I was drunk off my head.


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