Trivia Tonight! Interview with Alan Van Grack.

Tonight marks another epic trivia battle at Sixth & I Synagogue (7:00 pm.  Register here).  Yours truly has played in a few of these contest, but has never broken into the top 3 finishers.   To improve my odds, I decided to forgo plugging the holes in my knowledge of movies and T.V. from the past twenty years, and to instead spy on some of the competition.  As part of these efforts, I interviewed Alan Van Grack, a veteran trivia competitor and member of the team “Gorilla Jew-ceheads.”

SR:  How did you hear about Trivia Night at Sixth & I Synagogue?
AVG: I’m friends with Aaron, the Trivia MC. I was at the inaugural event.

SR: How many times have you played, and how have you done in the past?
AVG: Around 8 times. I usually do poorly, however when I played on a team with my girlfriend and her friends they came in 3rd! It was very impressive seeing people get many questions correct.

SR: How did you pick your team?  Friends?  Or did you pick the best trivia people you know?  What’s your team named?
AVG: I usually do it with the same pool of friends.  This time we are adding one of my girlfriends friends and a few newbies. We are more well-rounded this times. Our team name is Gorilla Jew-ceheads.

SR: Are you feeling confident?  Odds that you’ll win are:?
AVG: I’m feeling confident we will finish in the top 40%. Chances we win are less than 1%. Some teams are there just for the trivia.

SR: Which categories are you personally best at?
AVG: Sports, TV and movies.

SR: If you could add one DC Jew to your trivia team, who would it be?
AVG: Dan Snyder. Just so everyone can yell at him the whole time for doing such a poor job with the Redskins.

SR: What makes Sixth & I trivia especially fun?

AVG: The Food and Aaron.

SR: Do you have anything to say to your opponents?
AVG: You can beat me in trivia because I will destroy you on the kickball field.

See you tonight and check back later in the week to see pictures from the event and which team won.

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