2010 Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year Competition

(Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Gather the Jews is proud to present the 2010 Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year Competition.  Here’s how Round One the competition will work:

  • All former Jews of the Week are eligible to compete.
  • The first round will pit all competitors of the same gender against each other.  The top six guys and top six girls will advance to the second round.
  • First round points will be based on popular vote.
  • Contestants will submit one new picture and one brief statement on “Why he/she should be Jewish guy/girl of the year.”
  • From this information, visitors to the website will be asked to vote for two competitors.
  • Girls will go first.  Voting will start Wednesday, January 26 and will close at sundown on Friday, February 4.
  • After the first two rounds, we will have six guys and six girls.  The second round will then commence and will involve popular vote as well as Jewish trivia.
  • Position on the voting page will be determined at the kickoff event.

What will happen at tonight’s kickoff event:

At tonight’s kickoff event, JGOTWs will be given an identifier to mark them as competitors.  All attendants will be given two tickets (and the chance to buy 10 more tickets.  $1 per ticket).  Attendants can put these tickets in the jar or envelope of their favorite contestants (whether or not the contestant is present).  The contestant that collects the most tickets will be at the top of the voting page.  The second, second.  And so on.  While this certainly doesn’t make or break a campaign, it could definitely help.  So be sure to give your favorite contestant a ticket or two!

Oh.  And the two winners get $150 in cash.

Girls Guys
Abigail Adam
Aliyah Andrew
Aurora Ari
Briana Dan
Courtney David
Erika David B.
Gilda Doug
Holly Eddie
Jackie Eddy
Jane Eric
Jenna Eric
Jill Gaby
Julia Ilya
Kelly Jeremy
Lena Kenny
Matilda Marcelo
Mazal Micha
Meredith Michael
Nikki Michael B
Pailey Moritz
Philippa Omri
Rachel Rob
Rachel Sam
Ricki Seth
Rochelle Shai
Sarah Spencer
Stacy Steve
Vicki Uri
Yael Yaacov
Yelena Zach
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