GTJ Feature – Stephen

This is for all the people in DC who have never seen Stephen NOT wear a hooded sweatshirt.

For GTJ’s last feature before the Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year Competition, we are interviewing our three co-founders (interviews done by staff members Sheryl and Tila).

How much of an influence has Britney Spears had on you?
A very good amount.  I’ve given dvrei torahs based on lyrics from Britney.  You know how they have those books on “The Philosophy of _____ (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.)”?  I should write one for Britney.  But not only do I know the philosophy, I live it.  As stated on my facebook page, the beginning of Circus is my life MO:  “There’s only two types of people in the world. The ones that entertain and the ones that observe. Well baby, I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl. Don’t like the backseat, gotta be first.”

Were you born with those dance moves?
Obviously.  All Ashkenazi Jews are BFAB (Born From A Boombox).  Actually,  what talent I have–and there is very little–is due primarily to Kevin Lander, Chris Brown, some random girls who “adopted” me at a stomp (no, I was not in the majority as a redhead that night), and, most recently, the Step It Up movies.  While we’re on the subject, I’ll note that I recently joined a Jewish hip-hop dance team that is captained by Sarah Beth and Emily Challer.


Stephen with fellow GTJ crew members Tila, Sheryl, and Mike.

GTJ is your baby, what are some of your proudest moments in its first year of life?
When Tzvi (who is not a staff member) stood up at a Shabbat dinner at The SHUL (Chabad) and made an unexpected plug for Gather the Jews.  As Rabbi Shemtov said, when others start advertising for you, things are going to work.

What three Jews would you want on your laser tag team?
Moshe Dayan (Israeli military and politics.  Plus the eye patch is intimidating); Robert Oppenheimer (atomic bomb); Erik Weisz (Harry Houdini).

Former Jewish Girl of the Week Nikki does four rapid fire questions for Stephen’s round 2:

Do you hope to have red-headed children?
Not if they’re girls.  I’m not attracted to many red-headed womenz, and I want to pretend that my children are beautiful.  But I’m uncertain on the children at this point, red-headed or not.  I just hope that if I do have kids, that they look like their mom because she will undoubtedly be really really really hot.

Stephen with Mom

Stephen with his mom.

If you could insult one Jew by not inviting him/her to the biggest, coolest, most important Shabbat dinner of the year, whom would it be?
Whoever the chief editor of the Jewish Forward is.  I’ve been around for 25 years now, and I still haven’t been named one of “The Forward 50” (50 top American Jews of the year).  Booo.

What do you do with your ipad other than collect email addresses?
I take it to the park and talk about it with cute girls.  “Awwwwww.  How old is it?  What type?  Did you get it from a breeder (Mac store) or from a friend?”

Are you jealous of women always getting a purse?  What would you always carry with you?
Nope.  Purses are ridiculous — they cut into your shoulder and don’t have enough compartments.  I’m doing pretty well with pockets, and I’m still rocking my grad school backpack.  What would I always carry with me?  A pair of basketball shorts and some running shoes — I hate not being ready for a game at a moment’s notice.

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