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For GTJ’s last feature before the Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year Competition, we are interviewing our three co-founders (interviews done by staff members Sheryl and Tila).

The people want to know about your hats; how many do you have and when do you know which one to wear?
Hats are like fine kosher wines…
–  The more you own, the more parties you can host.
– They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors.
– They keep me warm.
Yes, there is a formula for which hat is worn when…I can teach it to you later.
GTJ is your baby, what are some of your proudest moments in its first year of life?
GTJ is was born almost 1 year ago.  It has been the creation of the passionate and dedicated Jewish community of DC.  We are constantly growing and evolving because of the members and their investment in the community.  We will continue to inspire and expand the community of young professional Jews throughout the US.


Top 10 GTJ moments include:

10. Meeting members of the community at events, on the metro, at Shabbat dinners.

9. Late night brainstorming sessions that have resulted in thousands of people being even more involved with Judaism, and the community.

8. Sampling local kosher food with GTJ members.

7. Special invites to events and gatherings, and being able to attend them with my closest friends.

6. Saying “You’ve been Gathered.”  I once Gathered someone when that person recognized me from across the street.

5. Reading Scott’s weekly Gather the News posts.

4. Our launch night on Purim when Stephen, Joshua and I ran around DC telling everyone about our site (46 weeks ago).

 3. Attending the United States and Israel: Building Business Through Innovation event at the Chamber of Commerce with fellow GTJ leaders.

2. Red Carpet Shabbat at the GTJ home on Swann Street. (ball gowns and tuxedoes were worn)

1. Reading the newsletters every week and knowing that GTJ provides the most comprehensive hyperlocal Jewish news and event information in DC.

Eating meat. Discuss.
I used to love Brazilian BBQ’s.  I went every week when I lived in China (China really does have everything), but then I decided to stop eating meat two years ago.  A year after I became a vegetarian, I ran 2 marathons in 2 weeks.  Being a vegetarian also made the transition to keeping kosher much easier. 



Who is your favorite roommate and why?
We have more than you think…  The GTJ home is always open.

 Why was DC the perfect city for GTJ’s start?
Because in DC we have talented, dedicated, worldly, educated, and passionate leaders.  As a result of the amazing efforts of our staff here, we are very excited and eager to expand to other cities.  We have had offers in almost a dozen cities including Boston, NYC, Chicago, Miami…  We are deciding where we should expand to first.  Where do you think?

Word on the street is that you can dance as well as Stephen, is this true?
You must have seen us after we watched Step it up 3D.  We have different styles.  Stephen is definitely BFAB.  Dancing is in the movement, the music, and…the eyes.
Top three favorite Jewish activities in DC and why everyone should try them out.
I have my personal favorites, but check out and decide which ones you like most.

How can we help GTJ?
Email me at  Let’s talk!
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