Jews Sticking up for Jews.

Stephen Richer is a co-founder of Gather the Jews.

As expertly noted in the movie The Hebrew Hammer, somebody has to step up on occasion to defend the Jewish people.  But since we don’t have The Hammer, it’s up to other members of the community to “watch each others’ backs.”

One expert at sticking up for fellow Jews is litigator Nat Lewin.  Mr. Lewin has argued more than 20 cases before the Supreme Court and many high profile cases on Jewish religious liberties.  He spoke about these cases in a December Shabbat dinner with Mesorah DC at Sixth & I Synagogue.

Most recently, Mr. Lewin and his daughter, Alyza Lewin, have taken up the defense of Sholom Rubashkin, the CEO of a Kosher meat packing firm in Iowa who allegedly committed financial fraud.

Not only does the case involve a trial of dubious fairness, but the sentence in question (27 years) is way out of measure.

My foundation had the privilege of working alongside Mr. Lewin as an amicus party.  It’s pretty great when my day job is defending Jews and then my hobby is gathering them.  See the blog post I just wrote on the case.

Numerous other D.C. Jews were involved in the case, some of them close friends of GTJ, but I haven’t been given permission to identify them yet, so I won’t reveal this week’s Jewish defenders right now.

But the moral of this story is that though  Nat and Alyza Lewin are skillful Jewish defenders, they can’t handle every Jewish problem.  So Gather the Jews is now officially accepting applications for D.C.’s very own Hebrew Hammer.   Contact if you are interested.

See this JTA article for more information on the subject.

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