On Yesterday’s Shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

Gabrielle GiffordsThere are no words for us to adequately express our profound sadness at the news of the shooting yesterday in Tucson, Arizona.

The staff, friends, and family at Gather the Jews are shocked and horrified by the attack on Rep.  Giffords, Arizona’s first Jewish Congresswoman.

Congresswoman Giffords is a respected leader and strong advocate for the constituents of Arizona’s 8th Congressional district.  She is well-liked on both sides of the aisle and is known as a bridge-builder among members of Congress.

We must stand together at this time and say that this type of violence has no place in our country.  Innocent people were injured and killed, including a young girl who’s life had barely started.  We, the People can, and must, do better.

Recent CNN update on Rep. Giffords.

Jodi Ochstein on behalf of the entire GTJ staff.

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