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You use the word “brilliant” a lot… Explain.
And you (Stephen) use the word “phenomenal” a lot. Just saying. There happen to be many brilliant, possibly even phenomenal, things out there. For instance, there’s this website that attempts to centralize event listings for members of a certain ethnoreligious group. I think it’s called

In addition to Mike, you have one other brother, right? Why doesn’t he work for GTJ? What’s up with that?
Peyton and Eli Manning have a brother that’s not a former Super Bowl MVP, and he does pretty well for himself. Same with our brother. Some might not like the comparison of the Weinbergs to the Mannings, but what we lack in Super Bowl victories, we more than make up for in cleverly titled weekly columns about Jewish news.

Speaking of that, you write a weekly post for the GTJ blog called Gather the News. Which blogs and news sites do you regularly read to find everything?
I read most of them, with a great appreciation for the press and the media. However, unlike Sarah Palin, I can name some specifics. Some of my favorite Jewish blogs are DovBear (, Life in Israel (, FrumSatire (, Fink or Swim (, and Emes Ve’Emunah ( I also regularly read the Jerusalem Post (, Haaretz (, and Ynet ( for my Israel news. Most of what I find out about the Jewish world I find through these sources. And, you know, living life too.

Complete the multi-step analogy:
Albert Einstein : smart :: Kobe Bryant : athletic :: Scott Weinberg : ________ :: The DC young professional Jewish community :: ____________

First blank:  “Sweater vests.”  Second blank:  “Seriously lacking in others who wear sweater vests.”

You recently won two tickets to the Giants vs. Redskins game from the Mesorah DC Shabbat raffle. If you were given one more ticket, which famous person – besides T.Pain – would you have taken with you?
If I couldn’t take T.Pain, I’d scalp that ticket in a second. These were pretty good seats, after all.

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