GTJ Feature – Maya

Do you normally meet passionate Jews in coffee shops?
I actually think you (Aaron) may have been my first…


After we first met you, I called all my GTJ friends and told them about you! What did you do?
Haha, that’s amazing, thanks! I told my friends that I was officially ‘gathered’… and that I was excited to meet some more Jews in town.


In less than 1 month you changed the face of GTJ and brought us to a completely new level. Why?
Why did I help? Because you guys are great people!


So what happened when you came to our first Happy Hour?
I came with a friend (who introduced me to Jodi) and we showed up with an open mind, not expecting much. Little did we know that a billion people would show up!


Besides Gathering people, what do you like to do?
I am a huge fan of the zoo and of walking around the city – I try to get myself out and walking around as much as possible. I also am into live music, but I haven’t been out in the city to see a show in a while…and yes, I am in a book (wine) club! I love reading…

OK, now let’s get to business. GTJ wants to expand to cities around the country, what one thing will every city need in order for GTJ to be there?
A team like you’ve got going here…dedicated people who are into the cause.  That is the key to success for something like this site.

What New Year’s resolution are you most committed to?
As a sort of non-rule, I don’t really do new year’s resolutions. I bet you imagined a lengthier answer to your question…one long-term goal I’ve achieved already? Brevity.

You make websites, I want to make another, can you help me?
Absolutely. Well, most likely. Let’s talk.
Write a poem about being Jewish in DC.
One Jew, two Jew, red Jew, blue jew?
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