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GabbyYou are the last Jewish Guy of the Week for 2010, Mazel Tov!  We know why we picked you, but tell us in your own words why you are receiving this momentous honor.
The rumors I’ve heard are that Tila and Abby are plotting a last-ditch effort to make me Jew Guy of the Year so that way the devious and conniving Stephen Richer doesn’t self-impose that glorious title onto himself. But if that’s not the case… maybe you were just desperate? Ha, well I did just get back after spending a year working in Jerusalem, so I have at least some Jew street cred.

As the (secular) year comes to a close, tell us your top 5 favorite moments about 2010.
Okay here goes:

5) Drinking entire bottles of Arak and “orange drink” (a.k.a NOT orange juice) at night on the beaches of Tel Aviv with my Israel roommate (this was a perennial event….wash, rinse, repeat).

4) Finally convincing my parents to stop feeding my now 20-pound chihuahua fatty slabs of pork, buckets of shellfish, and other not-so-kosher-friendly food products.

3) Smoking more hookah than normal people breath air in the Old City of Jerusalem.

2) Learning to be a gourmet chef extraordinaire – I’m talking curries, stuffed peppers, shakshuka, risottos, and a really mean matzah pizza. This aint yo average matzah ball, son.

1) Booz cruise to Cyrpus. ‘Nuff said.

If you could make a toast to the Jews of DC, what would you say?

Word on the street is that you have a blog. What’s it about and who are your biggest fans?
Wellllll…. not to get political, but I write about Middle Eastern affairs when time allows. Check it out and follow my blog:

Where is your favorite place in the world that you have traveled to?
Hmm… that’s a good one. I’ve been to Israel, Egypt, Argentina, and some parts of Eastern Europe… but I guess when it comes down to it there’s no place that serves crisp golden-brown falafel like Yerushalayim. Not even at Falafel Frenzy (where, to my dismay, had no falafel).

Everyone has a theme song–that song that gets them really pumped up. What’s yours?
Timbaland’s The Way I Are. Oh yeah.

Heading home to North Hollywood to escape the cold this Winter?
Good question. In fact, I’m not. I’m actually going to Vegas for New Years….with my mom. Yeup. Just me and my mom. In Vegas. Woot.

We know your lifelong goal is to be Jewish Guy of the Year for Gather the Jews. Finish this sentence: “As Jewish Guy of The Year, I solemnly swear to….”
I will solemnly decree in the land of GTJ that all us GTJ peasants shall receive an infinite amount of matzah balls, vats of hummus, and Jew gold. No one, really NO ONE, can top that.

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