Guy of the Week – Michael B.

Michael on why he should be Jewish Guy of the Year:
A vote for me would be a vote for palm trees, puppies, old people and freedom. Who couldn’t like any of these things? I will be using my winnings to give back to the community that brought me to GTJ. How do you ask, by planting a tree in Israel in honor of all of the JG/GOTY.  Because planting trees in Israel is what you do for some mazal right? Seriously, vote for me, I just lost my job and could really use a boost…or at least the money.

Jewish superhero by night, what do you do by day?
Like many other young people in DC I am into politics and government.  I work for Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist…yes in Washington.  32 Governors from states and territories have offices in Washington.  Basically, I advocate (not lobby) on behalf of the Governor and the state’s executive branch.  I, with my 2 colleagues, protect FL from the evil federal government.  Sometimes I still wear a cape during the day, mainly because I love capes.  I was also appointed to serve as the Liaison to Florida’s Jewish community.

Your skills at Deer Hunter were witnessed at a recent Jewish event.  Where did you learn to shoot?
All Southerners know how to shoot…maybe not all but most.  Since my father is a native of Brookyln and a cross between Woody Allen and Larry David on the neurosis scale, needless to say he never hunted nor held a gun. I was taught by other family members and friends growing up.  Nothing is better than waking up at 4AM in the brutal cold, adorning the season’s latest cammo, loading up your gear,  taking swigs of bourbon (don’t drink and operate firearms leave it to Southerners) and waiting…waiting …waiting up to 3 hours for that opportunity to call in the water fowl, aim, fire and drop’em.  My hunting guide last year had a bumper sticker that read: “If it flies, it dies.” On a side note, I believe in wildlife conservation and only hunt in season and overpopulated species deemed by wildlife officials.

In the movie The Hebrew Hammer, the evil Santa Clause tries to brainwash Jewish kids away from Chanukah and toward Christmas by giving them copies of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  To win them back, the Hebrew Hammer has to give them copies of great Jewish movies.  If you were put in the same situation, what Jewish movie would you give out?
Tough one…can I say Hebrew Hammer?  I would have to pick a Jewish-themed movie “School Ties”.  One of those rare moments where I read the book before seeing the movie.  To think generations later, I found myself going through similar situations as “David Greene”.   I’ve been called a dirty Jew and have hid my Judaism once or twice.  Other than “Encino Man”, this is one of Brendan Frasier’s best performances. I never saw “George of the Jungle” and doubt anyone else did.

Four cups of borscht…  Explain
I was 9 at my grandmother’s house for Rosh Hashannah. My great aunt knew my father likes borscht…he loves it; can eat it or drink it by the gallon.  Which brought me to the question do you eat it or drink it???? Since I had never had it before I grabbed a glass had my father pour some in and gulped it down.  I licked my lips and said “Holy Moses this pinkish-purplish glop is great!!!!” A few cups later I had consumed 4 in total in under 3 minutes.  My face was stained like a little kid drinking “bug juice” from the pitcher.

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