Girl of the Week – Pailey

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Pailey on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:
I would love to be your Jewish Girl of the Year because a JGOTY should be someone who if fun, involved, and likes to have a good time. I moved to DC in August and have loved meeting new people and attending the various Jewish events around DC. As JGOTY I would continue to promote the Jewish events and help Gather other Jews around DC.

You came all the way to DC from the sandy hills of Arizona. What do you like better, the powerful, dry heat of ‘Zona or the crisp Autumn air of DC?
Well I was loving the fall weather, but now the winter weather is just a little  “too cool.” This time last year I was laying out by the pool and now I cant put on enough layers!

We’ve seen you at different Jewish events. What is your favorite Jewish thing to do around here?
My favorite Jewish events so far have been the Gather the Jews happy hours. I’m very excited to consider myself “gathered.”

So you just took the LSAT. What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone else considering taking the LSAT?
DONT DO IT! haha, I’m just kidding. My advice would be to hire Stephen (GTJ Co-founder) as your LSAT tutor, he’s pretty great 🙂

Redskins or Cowboys?

After Sunday’s game this Texas girl can now wear her Cowboy jersey with pride! How ’bout them Cowboys!!!!

We hear you sailed around the world on Semester at Sea? What was that like? What was your favorite place you traveled to?
Yes, I went on Semester at Sea in the Spring of 2009. It was an incredible experience! My favorite countries were South Africa and Japan, but I had a really great time traveling around The Bahamas, Spain, Morocco, Namibia, Mauritius, India, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Guatemala! You might say I like to stay close to home 😉

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