Incidentally, the first Heisman Trophy went to a Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago. Yay! Go Maroons!

Gearing up for College Bowl Games.

As beautiful as a T.V.-fIncidentally, the first Heisman Trophy went to a Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago.  Yay!  Go Maroons!ree Shabbat occasionally is, the Saturday after the last week of the college football season is always a bit of a let down (I especially miss listening to Michigan fans at Buffalo Billiards ramble on about how the Big 10 is as good as the SEC—errant nonsense).

I tried to rectify the situation by playing touch football with a few friends (perhaps in preparation for the much heralded GTJ vs. JNET flag football game?)  But although I can run a 4.5 second 40 yard dash and complete 60% of my passes just like Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, my yen for something like a Auburn vs. Alabama game went unsatisfied.

So I also spent some of my Shabbat hours researching the upcoming bowl games and making picks that promise to yield at least 90% accuracy.  I do this every year for a competition that my friends and I have, but if you want to go head to head on any games, or on the entire bowl schedule, let me know, I’m almost always up for a friendly bet.

First game is on Saturday, December 18.

Matchup My pick
BYU vs. UTEP UTEP (No disrespect meant to my home state)
Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State Fresno State
Ohio vs. Troy Ohio  (I always rooted for the Greeks in the Odyssey)
Southern Mississippi vs. Louisville Southern Miss (So. Miss used to dominate Lville in CUSA)
Utah vs. Boise State Boise State (again, no disrespect meant to my home state)
Navy vs. San Diego State Navy
Hawaii vs. Tulsa Tulsa
Florida International vs. Toledo Toledo
Air Force vs. Georgia Tech Air Force (MWC > ACC was weak this year)
West Virginia vs. NC State WV (WV was the best team in big east despite Uconn’s win)
Missouri vs. Iowa Mizzou (tough tough pick, so I went with the team I want to win)
East Carolina vs. Maryland Maryland (Fear the turtle. But tough pick)
Illinois vs. Baylor Illinois
Oklahoma State vs. Arizona Oklahoma St. (Apologies to my sis, cancer research at U of A).
Army vs. SMU Army (going long — 3/3 — on the academies this year).
Kansas St. vs. Syracuse Kansas St.
North Carolina vs. Tennessee Tenn
Nebraska vs. Washington Nebraska (this game is an insult to Nebraska)
South Florida vs. Clemson South Florida
Notre Dame vs. Miami Miami ( “like the U in the 80s… back to back…”)
Georgia vs. UCF Georgia (No love for CUSA?)
South Carolina vs. Florida State SCAR (Sorry Paige.  FSU didn’t look good agains VT)
Northwestern vs. Texas Tech Texas Tech (But NW was good against UCLA last year)
Florida vs. Penn State Florida (SEC > Big 10)
Alabama vs. Michigan State Alabama (see above)
Mississippi State vs. Michigan Miss St. (see above)
Wisconsin vs. TCU TCU  (Tough pick.  I like big conference busters.)
Connecticut vs. Oklahoma Oklahoma (worst BCS game ever?)
Stanford vs. Virginia Tech Stanford
Ohio State vs. Arkansas Arkansas (see above re: SEC/Big 10)
Middle Tennessee vs. Miami (Ohio) Miami (Ohio)  (No idea…)
LSU vs. Texas A&M LSU (Tough pick.  But Geaux tigers).
Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky Kentucky
Nevada vs. Boston College Nevada (still rewinding that Boise St. game in my mind).
Oregon vs. Auburn Auburn (Unlike the PAC10, SEC teams play D).
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