Gather the News — Jewish News of the Week (1st)

Chanukah wraps up (get it!), and I didn’t flip my latkes in the air once, much less sometimes.  Let’s Gather the News…

  • Everyone’s favorite modern orthodox college a capella group inspires a cute parody of its parody of the parody of the real thing.  And I don’t even know what to call this, except absolutely adorable.
  • Meanwhile, Matisyahu’s stellar new single gets only a fraction of the love.
  • An Egyptian official speculates that Israel is behind recent shark attacks in Sharm e-Sheikh.  This is ridiculous; everyone knows that Israeli sharks would at least have frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.
  • A, um, friend, told me that Israel got a shout out on Glee.
  • Note to self: always carpool with Chabad yeshiva guys.
  • Leo may possibly become the best looking Jewish guy not on the GTJ staff.  Sadly, however, Bar Rafaeli may soon be off the market for good.
  • The only time you will ever see the following words together: kippah giveaway fail.
  • In what was surely a well-thought out and researched decision, three Latin American countries recognized a “state” with two central governments and undefined borders.
  • Peace talks breakdown.  The EU and UN blame Israel.  The sun also rose today.

Gather the News is a weekly feature by Scott Weinberg that showcases some of the best stories pertaining to Judaism and Israel.

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