Notes from the DC young professional Jewish community.

Starting this week, GTJ will dedicate a weekly blog post to recent accomplishments, publications, and performances by some of our city’s young professional Jews.  If you have something that you think should be featured on this post, email

Jillian Bandes is a columnist for and is a regular at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.  Here are her two articles from last week:

Steve Davis is the owner and proprietor of Mr. Yogato and the head engineer at SpaceX’s Washington office.  He and SpaceX will launch a rocket this week!

Daniel Kilman, a regular at DC Minyan, is a visiting fellow at the Center for a New American Security and recently published this article on the U.S.-Japan alliance.

Meredith Fineman is the creator of Fifty First (J)Dates (FFJD), and is a regular at local Jewish events.  Here are three of her recent posts. (FFJD on Twitter, FFJD on Facebook).

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