A Deluge of Double Standards

The Jewish Policy Center featured a post today by GTJ’s Stephen Richer.

According to Natan Sharansky, criticisms of Israel can be divided into two camps—reasonable and unreasonable—by using the “three D’s” test: demonization, double standards, and delegitimization.

Judging by the second criterion—double standards—the past few weeks have been rough for Israel. Consider the following double standards.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan on Israel.

As noted in this blog post by David Frum, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan recently referred to Israel in a less-than-friendly manner: “We will go on to raise our voice against those massacring innocent people and children. We will call a killer a killer when needed.”

Only a little later, CBC News shined new light on Hezbollah’s involvement in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. Erdogan’s suggested response? Ask the investigating tribunal to delay its official report for another year so as to not upset the Middle East.

So much for calling killers killers…

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