Y-Love and Shemspeed Perform for Gather the Jews

Y-Love with two GTJ slap bracelets.

Over 125 young professionals met last night at Club Ozio to hear Jewish hip hop artist Y-Love at a Gather the Jews happy hour. See the pictures on our fan page.

Y-Love opened with variations on well-known hip hop songs such as “All I do is Win,” and then treated the audience to some of his own popular songs.  He closed with a few upcoming features that have yet to be released on CD.

For those less-familiar with the Jewish hip hop scene, Y-Love (Yitz Jordon) is one of the latest and most famous orthodox pop music artists.  Others in this category include (most famously) Matisyahu, Pey Dalid, Piamenta, and Soul Farm.  See this Jerusalem Post interview for more about Y- Love:


Supporting Y-Love was Erez Safar, mix artist and proprietor of the popular Jewish music company Shemspeed.  Erez is well-known for his ability to make cool beats for large Jewish audiences.  Forward magazine named him one of the 50 top Jews of 2007.  More info about Shemspeed and its artists can be found here:  http://shemspeed.com/daily/

But before either of these Jewish musical titans took the stage, the audience heard from GTJ’s very own Joshua Kaller and a few members of his band: Hanukkah Harry and the Guilty Gelt.  Andres Harris ran the evening as MC and DJ.

The bright blue bands that feature prominently in most pictures are the new GTJ slap bracelets that say “You’ve Been Gathered.”

(See additional pictures on our fan page.)

8 replies
  1. Stephen Richer
    Stephen Richer says:

    All hail Nicole Hollander. You know what I’m talking about. I wish they were “snap” bracelets though… then I could “oh snap.”

    • Sheryl Burstein
      Sheryl Burstein says:

      We’ve had soooo many cool events now, it’s hard to pick a favorite…but ok, since you asked…this one!! Y-Love was awesome, the crowd was amazing, and those slap bracelets were hott!

  2. Will G
    Will G says:

    Much love to Y-love, Shemspeed, and the entire Jewish hip-hop scene. Looked like an amazing event! I wish I could have been there.


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