Jewish Guy – Omri

Jewish Guy - Omri

Omri on why he should be Jewish Guy of the Year:
Being a part of the Reverse Mifgash program I pride myself on having gotten to know some of the cornerstones of American Culture, like the fine art of outlet shopping, the wonderful custom of drinking at 6 p.m. and the long-standing tradition of eating painful amounts of food on thanksgiving.

In my time here I have also had the chance to influence others and show them some of the principals on which Israeli culture thrives, like the act of repeatedly saying it’s not that cold outside even though it can be visibly seen that you are freezing, the introduction of “Hummus” as the universal meal that can be eaten at any time of the day and the fact that shouting is just another way of displaying affection. I think all of these would make me a great candidate for Jewish guy of the Year!

This week, Gather the Jews brings you the first international edition of Jewish Guy/Girl of the Week in honor of Reverse Mifgash!

The Reverse Mifgash program was created through the partnership of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and Birthright Israel NEXT DC to provide selected Israelis with a 10-day Washington, D.C. experience consisting of social, educational, cultural, and religious programming. This year, a grant from the NADAV Foundation allowed The Jewish Federation to expand the program by inviting Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni from Moscow to participate.

To see the bios for all of this year’s Reverse Mifgash participants, go to:

Was there anything you wanted to see on your trip that you didn’t?
I did get rejected at the White House gates (apparently they want you to have a passport or something) but I got to hang out at Starbucks.  Maybe I’ll try to go back and actually get beyond the gates.

Which American food do you think is better than the Israeli version?
Not pickles, definitely not pickles. They need to be made in salt, not vinegar!

What Hebrew term should every American know?
“Rotza lirot et hamezuzah sheli?” (“Do you want to come see my mezuzah?”)

When will you visit the U.S. again?
Visit? Does this mean I need to leave?!

If you could take one thing from Washington, D.C. back with you to Israel, what would you take?
M&M’s, lots and lots of M&M’s!

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