Thoughts — And Pictures — From Gilad Shalit Rally

Thoughts — And Pictures — From Gilad Shalit Rally
November 15, 2010
Michael Lipin

Editor’s Note: Michael Lipin is a professional journalist and a staff member of Gather the Jews. All pictures were taken by Michael.

The most significant aspect of Thursday’s Rally for Gilad Shalit on the National Mall, in my view, is the energy and enthusiasm of the hundreds of college students who attended, many of whom came from outside the district and spent weeks organizing it. As someone who organized my own event in a DC National Park earlier this year, I can appreciate the challenges they faced in renting the stage, sound and lighting equipment, raising money to cover costs, securing permits from the National Park Service, lobbying diplomats, politicians and Jewish groups for support and promoting the event  within the community. It was the first time I had seen so many young people come together for such a rally in the three years I have been living in Washington. It also was a sign that this generation of young American Jews retains a strong connection to Israel and is prepared to go to great lengths to demonstrate that commitment.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Michael Lipin.

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  1. Jennifer Alphonso
    Jennifer Alphonso says:

    In a day when it is fashionable to be anti-Israel, it is commendable that these youngsters have taken this bold and brave step to show their solidarity with Israel. They’re heroes! I say to them, keep up the good work and to your own selves be true – don’t run with the crowd but stand apart for the courage of your convictions.


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