Jewish Guy - Michael

Jewish Guy – Michael

Jewish Guy - Michael

You get three “supers” to describe yourself.  The first is “Super Jew.”  What are the other two?
Super Hand-Stander.  Super-Tater-Tot-Eater

Which D.C. Jewish organization are you most active in?
Actually, funny you should ask.  I am actually working on starting a new program with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, called ConnectGens.  ConnectGens will aim to bridge connections between promising young Jewish professionals from the Greater Washington area and established Jewish professionals from the region, who are lay leaders for The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.  More information on the web at

If you’re named Jewish Guy of The Year what will you do with the prize money? (We’re expecting this to be about $1,000,000 – Aaron Wolff is donating it).
I’d take the entire group at GTJ on the baddest trip to Israel since Moses did it biblical style.  It would start out in Egypt and would include spending a significant portion of money on actually parting the red sea.

What is your favorite TV show? Which character are you most like and why?
I enjoy a few different shows including It’s Always Sunny and 30 Rock. That said, I’ve also always enjoyed How I met your Mother. It’s like the 2000’s version of Friends. I like to think I’m Barney Stinson. At a minimum, I appreciate his antics.

We hear you’re a great dancer. What are your best moves and what songs do you like to do them to?
People call me the Jewish Justin Timberlake. And, you can judge for yourself. Season 8, So you think you can dance…

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