Gather the Jews — The Next Generation

Welcome to the next major revision of!

GTJ logoFor the past 36 weeks, Gather the Jews has provided up-to-date information on all young professional Jewish events in Washington, D.C.  Our weekly email newsletter is now sent to approximately 1,500 young Jewish professionals, and our comprehensive calendar tracks the events of over 30 Jewish social, religious, cultural, and political organizations.   In addition to these informational tools, we’ve managed to have a bit of fun through our blog and our popular “Jewish Girl/Guy/Mitzvah Maker of the Week” feature.  It’s been great working with such a vibrant Jewish community, and we thank you for your support.

We’re now launching the next generation of Gather the Jews.  The new GTJ includes:

  • A new website with an improved design and calendar;
  • Our weekly newsletter featuring the best Jewish events;
  • Monthly GTJ events where attendees can meet other community members and get information on upcoming Jewish activities (These will be like our last two events at Café Citron and Current Sushi that had attendance of 125 and 175 people, respectively);
  • A revamped blog to serve as the voice for the D.C. Jewish community;
  • An exchange board to find a kosher roommate or a teammate for your dodgeball league;
  • And an upcoming contest to name our Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year!

We hope that you’ll find this new iteration of GTJ even more useful than the last.  If you have any questions or suggestions for GTJ, or if you want to be part of the team, please email us at


~GTJ Crew

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