Mitzvah Maker – Michele

Mitzvah Maker - Michele

Tell us a bit about your organization — Save A Child’s Heart (SACH).
SACH validates the feasibility of Tikkun Olam. It’s an Israeli-based international humanitarian project to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for kids in developing countries world-wide — no exclusions: all countries and “areas” surrounding/within Israel’s boarders. Every child deserves the best medical treatment available regardless of nationality, religion, color, gender, or financial situation.

I’m a big fan of my own organization (Gather The Jews), and I was just scrolling through our calendar and noticed that you have an event tomorrow (Thursday, October 21 starting at 6:30).  What’s going down?
We’re holding a Date Auction at Eden Lounge as an extended happy hour.  Twenty percent of all alcohol revenue accrued will go to SACH.  More to the point, we’ll be offering some pretty sweet bait as a trade for your dollars: you’ll have the opportunity to purchase one of our ten dashing gentlemen and leading ladies – fantastic date vouchers and entertainment tickets included – for your magical evenings to follow.

There’s no rules, so, be a giver: buy a date for a friend.

What can you tell me about the auctionees?  I hear that Sheryl Burstein of GTJ is one of them… This thing could get expensive…  Can I pay with my credit card?
We have an array of “auctionees” to satisfy all fancies, from a successful man-in-suit to college sorority queen. We’ll retrieve the winning bidder’s contact info and arrange for collection if the cash isn’t on hand.

If you could have one character from the Torah to auction off tomorrow night, who would it be?
Most of the biblical women are far too modest for these sorts of shenanigans, but Estaire would be my vote.  She “wow-ed” all of Shushan and King Achashverosh with her good looks, charm, and trickery. Money.

What do you do when you’re not saving the hearts of children?
I spend about 2 hours and 40 minutes each day on my bicycle commuting to/from work.  Her name’s Toña – she’s a real dreamboat. She’s named after the national beer of Nicaragua: dark and smooth. I also “escucha y repite” to my Spanish podcast while I’m biking.  I like to multi-task.

What’s with the photo?
Maybe miniature golf isn’t a game for adults, but we’re all kids at heart — and I was fortunate enough to have a strong one, so now, as a “grown-up,” I have the opportunity to go mini-golfing and act like a kid until I’m 100 years old.  Let’s give these kids the chance to do the same.

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