Jewish Guy – Jeremy

Jewish Guy - Jeremy

Jeremy on why he should be Jewish Guy of the Year:
I deserve to be ‘Jewish Guy of the Year’ because I’ve proven my dedication to jewish guys and girls all over this community by I’ve being a regular volunteer leader with many groups to help build our Jewish community. Also, I’ve logged thousands of miles commuting to meetings and events in DC and MD. That alone has to be worth something.

It’s pretty hard to be active in the Jewish community and not eventually bump into you.  But if somebody wanted to find you at future Jewish events, where, or to which organizations, should this person go to?
100% look at what the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington has to offer. Their Young Leadership division has some of the hardest working “professional Jews” in the business. All they do all day is plan events that help to strengthen the community we live in, as well as support local and world Jewry abroad and especially in Israel.,, and

What’s the best upcoming Jewish event in Washington, D.C.?
For the third year in a row the events you HAVE to be at are part of the Reverse Mifgash where the Federation & Birthright Israel NEXT DC are bringing seven Israelis who participated on DC Birthright trips, and three young professionals from Moscow, Russia to DC for an intense 10 days. Most nights between Nov. 9-18 there are public events for ALL young professional Jews (not just Birthright alums) to participate in. The entire schedule is online now!

Do you have any official leadership roles in the Jewish community?
As you can probably tell from my previous answers, I’m kinda involved in some volunteer roles within the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. I’m one of the Co-Chairs for this year’s Reverse Mifgash as well as a Co-Chair of Young Leadership overall. It keeps me busy, but I like to be involved in the community and have a hand in building community along with the Federation staff.

What’s a good piece of advice for new young professional Jewish residents in D.C.?
Facebook me. Let’s be friends.

Say you go to Madhatter, Public Bar, or Sign of The Whale..  What’s the pop bar/club song that you’re really hoping will be played?
I still get pretty pumped up when I hear “Yeah!” by Usher and Lil Jon. I don’t know what it is!

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