Jewish Girl – Vicki

Jewish Girl - Vicki
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Vicki on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:
I feel very lucky for the presence of such a dynamic Jewish community as DC and the friendships and religious/cultural experience I gained from it. I am incredibly thankful to GTJ for gracefully stitching it all together as the ‘Jewish happenings’ one stop shop!

How does the Washington, D.C. Jewish community stack up with other Jewish communities you’ve lived in?
The DC Jewish events mesh really well with the persona of the city, such as happy hours and various cultural events.  I love living the “DC life” through the Jewish community because there is a certain kinship among Jews.

You’re a nutritionist, right?  Can you tell a lot about people by how they eat?  Do you judge people negatively/positively if they eat certain foods?
Yes, I am a Registered Dietitian! I’ve gotten to a point where I can guess approximately how much somebody weighs, so I can work carnivals as a backup plan.  However, it is hard to judge somebody by one meal or what they have on their cocktail napkin.  In the social scene I reserve judgment because it ruins my fun as well.  Years ago I created a nutrition rule which I still abide by: “Social functions are dietary exceptions.”  But don’t get too crazy, all in good measure 🙂


Word on the street is that you’re one of the ten best dancers in the D.C. Jewish community.  How did you hone your skills?
Is that so? Thanks! It all started with Rhythmic gymnastics, which developed a base skill set for me to endeavor in any dance style including jazz, hip hop, belly dance, and ballroom.  I did not go professional because that tends create a love/hate relationship with your craft. So I keep it a love/love relationship by saving my skills for the clubs and all who choose to spectate.

What makes you a super Jew?
I see Judaism as a buffet from which you can select what makes you happy. Playing by my own rules, I pursue Judaism in order to seek understanding of the ways of the world and attain personal growth. It works for me!

Everything there is to know in life can be learned from which movie or book?
I can’t decide between these movies: 40 year Old Virgin, Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I Love You, Man.  They all brilliantly combine silly and raunchy, yet intelligent humor with a bit of a “meaning of life” quality.  Plus, it’s always a perk when over half the cast and crew are Tribe members.

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