Jewish Guy - Moritz Abramovitz

Jewish Guy – Moritz Abramovitz

Jewish Guy - Moritz Abramovitz

What is one secret that nobody knows about until now? (FYI all the Jews in DC read this)
Maybe that I was a member of the Peruvian soccer team that participated in the last two Pan American Maccabi Games. It is not a secret, but because people are not that into soccer here, it is not something I talk about, and yes, I said Peruvian…I moved to the US a couple of years ago, first to NYC to study my LLM (Master of Laws) and then to DC for work.

Which living Jew would you want to spend Shabbat with?
Being on my own in a new country has some advantages but also a few drawbacks. One of them is that I do not get to see my family and loved ones very often. Therefore, I would really like to spend a Shabbat with my entire family and just talk about everything, it would be a special night.

If you did Dancing with the Stars, who would you choose as your dance partner?
Bar Refaeli.

Does she know how to dance?
Who cares!

What’s your favorite Jewish dish?
Gefilte Fish. Not the Manischewitz one but the home made, and by home made please read my mom’s gefilte fish.

Jews have been known to wander, where is the most exotic place you traveled?
Probably the Greek island of Ios. I went backpacking Europe with my brother and after going to Mykonos and Santorini we realized that the trip to Crete (our original plan) was too long for just a 2 day stay, so after “studying” our Lonely Planet we decided for Ios. It was a good choice and the only island of the three we went to with sand and not tiny stones in the beach!

Why were you choosen to be featured as Jew of the Week?
Because did not like me as much as to make me Jew of the Month.

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