Jewish Girl – Holly

Jewish Girl - Holly (Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Holly on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:
I would like to use this space to nominate Nikki as Jewish Girl of the Year and request that all votes go to her.  She embodies the qualities and characteristics that any Jewish Girl of the Year should possess.

You have one of the neatest jobs I’ve heard of.  Can you tell us about it?
Sure. I do financial management for lottery, game show, and casino winners throughout the country.  I spend most of my week traveling to meet them, trying to convince them that they should save their money and not blow it on useless things like diamond encrusted collars for their dog (true story).

So if you were to win a $200 million lottery, what would you do with it?
Nothing – well, at least at first.  Too many people win and immediately quit their jobs and do a million crazy things. I would take the time to make a plan and THEN do crazy things like buy a mansion, car, etc. and of course help my family and donate to charity.

If you had to wander the desert for 40 years, what would you take with you for entertainment?
I would bring my cousin Nikki, the most entertaining person I know.  I would also take some cards, an Ipod, and my BlackBerry. (Did you really think I would forget that?)

You were in Israel for some of the recent holidays.  How was that?!
It was my first time in Israel and it was such a great experience. I met wonderful people, did amazing things, and ate delicious food.  I am still going through Schwarma withdrawal!  My favorite experience was visiting the Kotel on Shabbat.  Seeing so many Jewish people praying, singing, and dancing was very moving.

What makes D.C. Jews better than New York City Jews?
Everything, other than our bagels!

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