Jewish Girl – Aurora

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Aurora on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:

I think I should be Jewish Girl of the Year because I am skilled at cooking gluten-free kosher vegetarian cross-ethnic delicious shabbat meals and will be acting as GTJ rep in Israel soon!!!

You have travelled the world, what is the coolest place you have been to?
Toughie. Oaxaca, Mexico or Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Where was your most memorable Shabbat?
Tsfat, Israel

We heard you are moving…why Israel?
To bathe in the light…at the beach and spiritually

Who is the coolest Jew you met other than the GTJ crew?
Henry Kissinger!!

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Gathered to celebrate!

your favorite Jewish dish?
HERRING!! (Pickled, in wine sauce)

Is it difficult being a vegetarian and keeping kosher?
I wouldn’t know otherwise. But, no…except when tempted by a mean cholent.

What song do you have stuck in your head?
“Love the Way You Lie”, by Eminem & Rihanna

Jewish Guy – Seth

Jewish Guy - Seth

I heard you’re from NYC (yay!) what do you miss most about it?
The pizza.

If you could go on a date with any Biblical Jew, who would it be and why? Where would you go?
I wasn’t great at paying attention in Hebrew School, but I just refreshed myself online and read that Rebecca was “beautiful” and “energetic”, both of which are traits that I’m attracted to.  On a hike near the Sea of Galilee.

What’s your favorite mode of transportation and why?
Walking.  I am always happiest when I am moving.

Have you ever followed through on a Rosh Hashanah resolution? If so, what was it?
Not yet, hopefully next year.

The “chickpea” is neither a chick nor a pea. Discuss.
That’s a really good question, I never thought about it.  I will say, however, that I love chumus so I should probably learn more about the origins of the chickpea!

I heard you’re a teacher at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, what a great job and an interesting place to work! Is it true they are putting on a production of Dreamgirls!? Could you give us information about that in case any of us are interested in attending?
Yes!  Duke Ellington couldn’t be a more exciting place to work and teach.  This December, our students will be putting on thirteen Dreamgirls performances.  Six months of hard work and determination has paid off and the performance is nothing short of world-class.  To purchase Dreamgirls tickets online visit  Please come to Georgetown (35th and R) and join us for a Broadway- caliber performance and support our students!

Away We Go Travel

Away We Go Travel presents

Atlantic City at the Tropicana Casino and Hotel!

December 25th and 26th:
(departure 7:30 AM Dec. 25th at 6th and I Historic Synagogue, DC)
(return 8:00 PM Dec. 26th at 6th and I Historic Synagogue, DC)

(Baltimore departure available, call for rates)

Double or triple occupancy: $249 per person
Single: $299

Package includes: Bus, hotel, all taxes and Casino Gratuities, light breakfast served on bus
1st day: Dinner and Tropicana casino rebate
2nd day: Breakfast and 2nd casino rebate
(casino to be determined)

Deposit: $50 per person
Balance due: December 1, 2010

**No refunds after December 1, 2010
**All casino packages subject to availability

Please contact: Marilyn at 410-486-3888 or

Mitzvah Maker – Michele

Mitzvah Maker - Michele

Tell us a bit about your organization — Save A Child’s Heart (SACH).
SACH validates the feasibility of Tikkun Olam. It’s an Israeli-based international humanitarian project to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for kids in developing countries world-wide — no exclusions: all countries and “areas” surrounding/within Israel’s boarders. Every child deserves the best medical treatment available regardless of nationality, religion, color, gender, or financial situation.

I’m a big fan of my own organization (Gather The Jews), and I was just scrolling through our calendar and noticed that you have an event tomorrow (Thursday, October 21 starting at 6:30).  What’s going down?
We’re holding a Date Auction at Eden Lounge as an extended happy hour.  Twenty percent of all alcohol revenue accrued will go to SACH.  More to the point, we’ll be offering some pretty sweet bait as a trade for your dollars: you’ll have the opportunity to purchase one of our ten dashing gentlemen and leading ladies – fantastic date vouchers and entertainment tickets included – for your magical evenings to follow.

There’s no rules, so, be a giver: buy a date for a friend.

What can you tell me about the auctionees?  I hear that Sheryl Burstein of GTJ is one of them… This thing could get expensive…  Can I pay with my credit card?
We have an array of “auctionees” to satisfy all fancies, from a successful man-in-suit to college sorority queen. We’ll retrieve the winning bidder’s contact info and arrange for collection if the cash isn’t on hand.

If you could have one character from the Torah to auction off tomorrow night, who would it be?
Most of the biblical women are far too modest for these sorts of shenanigans, but Estaire would be my vote.  She “wow-ed” all of Shushan and King Achashverosh with her good looks, charm, and trickery. Money.

What do you do when you’re not saving the hearts of children?
I spend about 2 hours and 40 minutes each day on my bicycle commuting to/from work.  Her name’s Toña – she’s a real dreamboat. She’s named after the national beer of Nicaragua: dark and smooth. I also “escucha y repite” to my Spanish podcast while I’m biking.  I like to multi-task.

What’s with the photo?
Maybe miniature golf isn’t a game for adults, but we’re all kids at heart — and I was fortunate enough to have a strong one, so now, as a “grown-up,” I have the opportunity to go mini-golfing and act like a kid until I’m 100 years old.  Let’s give these kids the chance to do the same.

Jewish Girl – Eve

Jewish Girl - Eve

We heard you’re working on a photo exhibit for the Reverse Mifgash program–can you tell us more about it?
Along with a couple of other Birthright Alums, I’m organizing the Visions of Israel photography competition and exhibition as part of Reverse Mifgash to benefit PACT!  The competition is open to everyone to submit any kind of photo they have taken in Israel — from the abstract to urban scenes to landscapes — to compete to be published in a calendar that will be sold to benefit Parents And Children Together, a program enhances the lives of disadvantages children in the North of Israel through arts and enrichment programs.

Everyone who submits a photo will have it exhibited. This promises to be a really great exhibition showcasing wide variety of photographs and visions of Israel. Plus, it will have a nice selection of wine and cheese and Israelis in the Reverse Mifgash  🙂 

You can register at:
What’s the best Jewish event you’ve been to in the past few months?
I recently joined a group of Birthright Israel Alumni for a Young Leadership Mission to Israel in June.  We met up with two full DC Community buses for Shabbat in Jerusalem.  There’s nothing like bringing in Shabbat in Jerusalem; from the pink sunset to the cooling winds in the hills, you can actually feel the transition taking place.  Experiencing this with my own DC community, 5 years after my first Birthright trip, was extremely special and a highlight of the past few months.

What do you think of the DC music scene and what’s the next concert you’re going to?
One of my favorite aspects of life in Washington, DC is definitely the music scene (what other city has the XX playing at a synagogue?).  I live a couple of miles from three great venues – the 9.30 club, the Black Cat, and DC 9.   I just saw the Dirty Projectors at the 9.30, and was blown away – their quirky and inventive compositions remind me of orchestras and the harmonies of electronic choruses, hard to believe they could do it live.  Over the summer I’ve been to quite a few club shows, so I really enjoyed spending some time listening to music outside at Virgin FreeFest on Saturday –  LCD Soundsystem and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros put on quite the show.
What do you think is the best movie of the summer?
Summer – not such a great time for movies, much better time for TV Series.  By far my favorites of the summer are on both sides of the spectrum – early summer, definitely Glee (who can resist!) and late summer, Mad Men!

Redskins, Capitals, Nationals, or United…do you have a favorite?
As a figure skater and one year University of Maryland Women’s Ice Hockey Player – I stay true to my ice sport roots and cheer for the Capitals.  I’ve even skated in half time performances at the US AIR arena and the Verizon Center (back when it was called MCI).  I also cheer for the Terps.

Jewish Guy – Micha

Jewish Guy - Micha

I was reading the Gather The Jews newsletter—one of my favorite publications—this past weekend, and I noticed that you’re competing in the 40 under 40 business competition.  Tell me what it’s all about.
GTJ, OMG, that’s my favorite newsletter too–especially to keep up with area business accomplishments.  So, The Washington Business Journal has an annual 40 Under 40 list that recognizes the DC area’s 40 “brightest young business leaders based on demonstrated business success over the past 12 to 18 months.”  I’m honored and excited to be selected for this year.  
Do you have any shirts that are meant for the Jewish community specifically?  What’s your best selling shirt? 
Is my dad a Rabbi? (Yes). Of course we have Jewish t-shirts.  We actually just posted a new Jewish t-shirt in anticipation of our GTJ debut, our Moses Boombox t-shirt, which is one of my favorite new tees.  We have three others: our Bat-Mitzvah T-shirt (an original classic), our Tips t-shirt (a fan favorite), and our Shofar T-shirt (our Rosh Hashana t-shirt).
Ok.  This seems pretty neat.  How do I help you win the 40 under 40 competition?
There’s a “Reader’s Choice” winner for the 40 under 40 competition.  You can vote as many times as you’d like, so click here to vote early and vote often.
When you’re not selling, promoting, or designing shirts, what are you up to?  Which Jewish organizations do you hang out with?
When I’m not t-shirting, I’m usually moonwalking down U street.  And as for Jewish Organizations–I like them all, as long as they don’t start with “J” and end with “street.”  I’m most involved with the Young Professional branches of the Jewish Federation and B’nai Tzedek–to try and strengthen and enhance the 22-39 year old Jewish community.  And of course I’m a big fan of GTJ.

What’s the future hold for you and Crooked Monkey?
On the Crooked Monkey front, we’re continuing to perfect the t-shirt–its design, its comfort, and its style.  And we’re always looking for new retail outlets that share our vision.  We’re also launching a higher end line, called Blueprint, which will focus on industrial, raw fashion.  Look out for it this January.

Jewish Girl – Vicki

Jewish Girl - Vicki
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Vicki on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:
I feel very lucky for the presence of such a dynamic Jewish community as DC and the friendships and religious/cultural experience I gained from it. I am incredibly thankful to GTJ for gracefully stitching it all together as the ‘Jewish happenings’ one stop shop!

How does the Washington, D.C. Jewish community stack up with other Jewish communities you’ve lived in?
The DC Jewish events mesh really well with the persona of the city, such as happy hours and various cultural events.  I love living the “DC life” through the Jewish community because there is a certain kinship among Jews.

You’re a nutritionist, right?  Can you tell a lot about people by how they eat?  Do you judge people negatively/positively if they eat certain foods?
Yes, I am a Registered Dietitian! I’ve gotten to a point where I can guess approximately how much somebody weighs, so I can work carnivals as a backup plan.  However, it is hard to judge somebody by one meal or what they have on their cocktail napkin.  In the social scene I reserve judgment because it ruins my fun as well.  Years ago I created a nutrition rule which I still abide by: “Social functions are dietary exceptions.”  But don’t get too crazy, all in good measure 🙂


Word on the street is that you’re one of the ten best dancers in the D.C. Jewish community.  How did you hone your skills?
Is that so? Thanks! It all started with Rhythmic gymnastics, which developed a base skill set for me to endeavor in any dance style including jazz, hip hop, belly dance, and ballroom.  I did not go professional because that tends create a love/hate relationship with your craft. So I keep it a love/love relationship by saving my skills for the clubs and all who choose to spectate.

What makes you a super Jew?
I see Judaism as a buffet from which you can select what makes you happy. Playing by my own rules, I pursue Judaism in order to seek understanding of the ways of the world and attain personal growth. It works for me!

Everything there is to know in life can be learned from which movie or book?
I can’t decide between these movies: 40 year Old Virgin, Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I Love You, Man.  They all brilliantly combine silly and raunchy, yet intelligent humor with a bit of a “meaning of life” quality.  Plus, it’s always a perk when over half the cast and crew are Tribe members.

Jewish Guy – Jeremy

Jewish Guy - Jeremy

Jeremy on why he should be Jewish Guy of the Year:
I deserve to be ‘Jewish Guy of the Year’ because I’ve proven my dedication to jewish guys and girls all over this community by I’ve being a regular volunteer leader with many groups to help build our Jewish community. Also, I’ve logged thousands of miles commuting to meetings and events in DC and MD. That alone has to be worth something.

It’s pretty hard to be active in the Jewish community and not eventually bump into you.  But if somebody wanted to find you at future Jewish events, where, or to which organizations, should this person go to?
100% look at what the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington has to offer. Their Young Leadership division has some of the hardest working “professional Jews” in the business. All they do all day is plan events that help to strengthen the community we live in, as well as support local and world Jewry abroad and especially in Israel.,, and

What’s the best upcoming Jewish event in Washington, D.C.?
For the third year in a row the events you HAVE to be at are part of the Reverse Mifgash where the Federation & Birthright Israel NEXT DC are bringing seven Israelis who participated on DC Birthright trips, and three young professionals from Moscow, Russia to DC for an intense 10 days. Most nights between Nov. 9-18 there are public events for ALL young professional Jews (not just Birthright alums) to participate in. The entire schedule is online now!

Do you have any official leadership roles in the Jewish community?
As you can probably tell from my previous answers, I’m kinda involved in some volunteer roles within the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. I’m one of the Co-Chairs for this year’s Reverse Mifgash as well as a Co-Chair of Young Leadership overall. It keeps me busy, but I like to be involved in the community and have a hand in building community along with the Federation staff.

What’s a good piece of advice for new young professional Jewish residents in D.C.?
Facebook me. Let’s be friends.

Say you go to Madhatter, Public Bar, or Sign of The Whale..  What’s the pop bar/club song that you’re really hoping will be played?
I still get pretty pumped up when I hear “Yeah!” by Usher and Lil Jon. I don’t know what it is!