Jewish Girl - Abby

Jewish Girl – Abby

Jewish Girl - Abby

If you could meet any biblical character, who would it be?
If I could meet a biblical character (old testament, obviously) I’d have to say I’d want to meet Adam (of Adam and Eve).  That way when people say to me “You don’t know me from Adam!”, I can say “Yes I do!!”

Who is your favorite Jewish friend?
My favorite Jewish friend is my best friend Pailey. I know you said “no lame responses,” but in this case I just have to be honest.  She and I grew up in Dallas together and she sang Shalom Rav with me on the bima at my Bat Mitzvah.  Love you, Pay!

Which living Jew would you want to spend Shabbat with?
I’d want to spend Shabbat with Aaron Wolff because then he’d gather all the Jews so we could all spend Shabbat together.

What is one secret about you that nobody knows about until now? (FYI all the Jews in DC read this)
Sometimes when I am stressed I go to Walmart and just walk around. Sometimes I buy things, sometimes I don’t, but there’s just something so soothing about a discount store with smiley faces plastered everywhere.  Try it sometime when you’re stressed; you’ll thank me later.

What’s your favorite Jewish dish?
Brisket. Nuff said.

Lulav or Etrog?
That’s like asking “Laverne or Shirley?” You just can’t, they both made Nick at Nite what it is today. Shake it Shake it Shake it!

If you did Dancing with the Stars, who would you choose as your dance partner?
Emmitt Smith.

Jews have been known to wander, where is the most exotic place you traveled?
I took a random roadtrip to Nebraska once but the most exotic place is probably Greece. The beaches of Santorini and Mykonos are just beautiful.

Would you ever make your own Sukkah?
Of course! When I was little my family used to make our own “sukkah” by putting leaves and branches over the monkey bars on our swingset. I think at this point I’d need a bigger swingset but yes, absolutely!

Favorite part about being Jewish in DC?
There are so many different groups and activities to do to meet other YJP’s!  Stay on the look out for Service Shot, my own little organization starting up in mid-October!

What is your favorite food to dip in honey?
Do people really say anything besides apples? I mean, I love a good peanut butter and banana sandwich with a drizzle of honey, but that’s not exactly dipping.

Why were you chosen to be featured as Jew of the Week?
I saw Aaron walking down the street and literally yelled “That’s GathertheJews-Guy!” He was a great schmoozer and took the time to meet me and my friends, even the non-MOT’s (members of the tribe). Thanks, Aaron!!

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