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Meredith on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:
I should win Jewish Girl of the Year because I am not associated with girls, or Jews, enough with FiftyFirst(J)Dates ( Also, if I win, I will promote world peace, clean water initiatives, and the bettering of society through the Intermix Charity For Girls Without Smartphones.

Word on the street is that you run a popular blog.
I run Fifty First (J)Dates ( I write, edit, market, and hawk it all myself. Its a humorous dating blog (I write about my first jdates) and also general musings for anyone who’s bored at work and sick of gchat. We’re also on Twitter @50firstjdates and I probably attended your bat-mitzvah.

How did it get started?
FFJD began mostly as a joke. I joined JDate when I moved back to DC after spending a year living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (I’m from here. And no, not MD or VA. DC!) I sent it to my close friends because I found the jdate subculture to be epically hilarious. They sent it to their friends, and it exploded. Now I have to avoid paparazzi every time I got to Yogiberry.

How has it evolved?
Its now on Huffington Post and Jewcy, and articles on it have been in the Post and the Examiner. I also now take content (send your stories!) That I add my trademark nonsensical commentary to.

Do you have any future projects planned?
Book, movie, tv show, giant posters of my face. But seriously, I am also looking for a job so if you want to hire a charming JAP with a BBM addiction, hit me up.

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