Jewish Guy - David Burd

Jewish Guy – David Burd

Jewish Guy - David Burd

David on why he should be Jewish Guy of the Week:
I think I should be GTJ’s Jewish Guy of the Week because I think I’m an example of the kind of person GTJ is trying to engage—in addition to those who are already involved in the Jewish community, people like me who may not have been as involved since our Bar/Bat Mitvahs and college.  I also am pretty good at working Yiddish words into pretty much every conversation (e.g., why did I have to schlep all the way to my computer to put together this write-up?).

Word on the street is that you’re pretty-well connected with that one political party that starts with a D, but shall not be named.  How did this come to be?
I just go to a lot of political events/happy hours and drink a lot with other Democrats.  Someone’s got to do it.  (But more seriously, I like being involved.  Whether it was the Obama campaign in ’08 or the DNC’s young professional program now (, I enjoy getting people together for a good cause.

Jewish superhero by night.  What are you by day?
Isn’t that enough?  (But if you must know, in addition to rescuing kittens from trees and scaling tall buildings with a single leap, I also help people save energy at home – check it out:

I’m looking for a CEO to run the multi-billion dollar company that I just happen to own (yeah, I rock like that).  But I’m only accepting applications via Twitter.  Please tweet why I should hire you (140 characters max.).
Lawyer-turned-entrepreneur.  Not only can talk a lot and argue effectively, but can start/manage shit.  Friendly demeanor and willing to work hard for challah.

Why are Jews mostly Democrats?
I think it’s because Jews believe in helping others.  We’ve all heard about tikkun olam (“repairing the world”) and tzedakah (“charity”) (…flashbacks to the tzedakah box at Hebrew School and free trips to DC for the Spitzer Forum…).  They say a lot about who we are as a people.  And, frankly Democrats tend to be the party that speaks most to those values—to helping people in need.

If you could have left one animal off of Noah’s ark, which one would it have been?
Why do you hate animals?
Editor’s Note: I don’t.  Just the non-furry ones.

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