Jewish Girl – Rochelle

Jewish Girl - Rochelle

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We hear you work for Deloitte along with a couple other Jews in the DC community.  I’m quantitatively challenged, so can you explain to me in simple words what you do there?  Do you dominate?
I’m a Recruiter for the Federal Consulting Practice at Deloitte and I love it!  I get to talk to all kinds of people all day long, and I get the satisfaction of extending job offers to candidates which is always exciting.  The most rewarding part of my job is helping to place people in a job that they are passionate about.  Almost everyone is excited when I extend them a job offer so it makes me feel good to deliver the good news.

Tell us about the Sukkah Hop and what you’re doing for it.
I’m one of the Co-chairs this year for the Sukkah Hop and helping to plan and organize the event.  This event is always a sellout, so I’m happy to take part in it.  Everyone meets at 6th and I Historic Synagogue and then we get on buses and tour some of the finest Sukkah’s in DC, and there will be different food and drink at each stop.  You should come!!

Even though all our Jewish Girls of The Week are perfect, what one thing do you want to do even more perfectly this Jewish year? I’m sure many of the other lovely Jewish Girls of the Week are perfect but I’m far from it.  I definitely have my flaws and quirks, and I’m the first to admit it.  One of the things I’m going to try and focus on this year is being more thoughtful and giving to others.  It makes me feel good to do things for my family, friends and even strangers just because I want to and not because I expect anything in return.

The Washington Nationals play the intro or a segment of a song for each Nationals batter that goes to the plate.  The song has to pump the batter up and it has to represent him some way.  What would your music clip be?  (FYI:  Mine would be the first 20 seconds of “All I Do Is Win” – DJ Khaled )
My music clip would totally be Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” Even though the song has been played out I know it would definitely get me pumped up.  And who wouldn’t want to Just Dance anyways?

Where will you be for the High Holidays?
I’ll be in DC for Rosh Hashanah and then I’m going home to Virginia Beach for Yom Kippur to spend it with my whole family.  I can’t wait for my mom’s Noodle Kugel!

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