Mitzvah Maker - Eva

Mitzvah Maker – Eva

Mitzvah Maker - Eva

Now that you are Mitzvah Maker, what celebrity/political leader would you like to call and congratulate you?
Of course Idan Raichel, my favorite Israeli artist.  The best part is I know he will call because he´s goodwill ambassador for Save a Child´s Heart.

What inspired you to start the Young Professionals Committee for Save a Child’s Heart in DC?
I had heart surgery as a baby and have always been a strong supporter of Israel. Save a Child´s Heart was the perfect platform. SACH was started in Israel by Dr. Ami Cohen who saw the need to bring children with coronary heart disease from developing countries to get operated in Israel in modern hospitals and take advantage of the first-rate facilities and expertise. Since then, SACH committees for young professionals have sprung up around the world. I noticed that people in DC are especially active and that this is a good cause, so I definitely wanted to set one up here.

What is your favorite Shabbat dish, and how does it represent Save a Child’s Heat?
My favorite Shabbat dish has to be chocolate babka. Oh, how does it relate to Save a Child’s Heart. Mmm…It’s sweet and swirly and everybody loves it!

If Save a Child’s Heart was a biblical figure, who would it be and why?
Miriam. She saved a Child’s Heart by sending off her baby brother Moses in a basket on the river to save his life.

GTJ has tribal leaders and tribal members, how do you join Save a Child’s Heart Tribe?
Normally we would have a ritual tribal dance to join, but we’ll let you off easy if you come to our next DC fundraiser in October where we will have a date auction among other things.  Be on the look out for more details.

Where can we find more information about Save a Child’s Heart?
Easy. Go to

Please join our SACH DC Facebook group

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